HelpKids in Colombo, Sri Lanka, exists not just as a safe and educational preschool, but as a centre that provides the building blocks for children to dream again, and the foundation they need to achieve their dreams. Children not only access a quality education, but medical and dental checks, life skills and valuable support from counsellors. HelpKids works not just see children reach their full potential, but to strengthen families and whole communities as well. 


Many of the children who come to the HelpKids Centre from the surrounding communities live in poor conditions and are at risk of physical and sexual abuse, with little hope of breaking the poverty cycle.

That’s why Helpkids works across three different areas – strengthening and preserving families through case management and community development, giving vulnerable children access to early education and tuition classes, and providing short-term care for children before they settle into a permanent and loving family – to give children and their families the best chance for their future. 

Check out their latest building project, to build even more children's futures...


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