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Vietnam AOG works to address a wide range of issues relating to poverty. The team in Vietnam are committed and experienced, and have seen amazing results over the past 12 years. You can support their work through one of their  Life Skills Education programs:

FOOD PLANT SOLUTIONS: this course addresses poverty and malnutrition by teaching children in their local schools how to grow the best produce to meet their nutritional needs. $2,000 provides for a course to be run in a rural school.

LIFESKILLS CAMP: these camps assist children with decision making, and cover topics such as 'Be Aware, Be Safe' regarding human trafficking, 'You have Worth, Value & Purpose', English language, and Health, Hygiene & Road Safety. $30 sponsors one child to attend, and $1,500 provides for a whole camp.

FLOURISH: This program was founded on the belief that each girl or woman of any culture has been born to thrive and have the opportunity to fulfill her life's purpose regardless of her background, heritage or situation. Through the journey of Flourish girls or women will discover the true essence of who they are and who they can become. Each session contains valuable core concepts that, when embraced, will build confidence and inner strength to make healthy decisions that will in turn see them thrive and empower others to do the same. $50 sponsors one person's attendance;$500 provides for a course to be held at AOG WR Offices; $1,500 enables a course to be held in another city or country.


COURAGEOUS: This program is a key life skills training program that has been specifically developed for male participants aged from mid-to-late teens. The program is designed to help young men negotiate the many challenges they face by putting tools in their hands that will assist them in developing self-awareness, self-esteem, healthy interpersonal relationships, conflict resolution skills, decision-making abilities, strong friendships and communication skills.  $50 sponsors one person's attendance; $500 provides for a course to be held at AOG WR Offices; $1,500 enables a course to be held in another city or country.

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Pictured Above: A Flourish course taking place at Vietnam AOG WR offices.

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