Income Generation Program Vietnam

One way that we are able to help rural families develop sustainable and profitable lasting change, is through Vietnam AOG's Income Generation Program & Training initiative. This is an income generation program focused on helping families start small businesses centred on breeding livestock or growing crops, which can provide them with a much-needed income source. In addition to receiving seed livestock or saplings to begin their small business, a representative of each beneficiary family will be involved in a series of training on the care required for their livestock or crop.

This income generation program is a revolving loan system where the initial recipient will receive a loan to purchase their seed animal or saplings and will have time to generate income and repay the loan. Once the loan is repaid it will then go out to other villagers who will then in turn do the same over time. As a result, the wider village will benefit and the economic situation will improve, and develop new skills in the family.

Through this program, we aim to increase the level of income, employment opportunities, food security and nutrition for those involved. 

$150 provides one family with either: one healthy female piglet/a flock of ducks/chickens or saplings needed to begin their agricultural farm.


Pictured Above: In the past few years, many families have been assisted with livestock provision and agricultural training, dramatically changing their capacity to earn an income and support their family.


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