ACCI Relief's RAISE Campaign seeks to support the holistic transformation of the lives of children and their families through child-focused community development. We take into account the wider context of a child experiencing poverty, recognising that their siblings, parents, extended family and community members are also affected by poverty and are the key support network that can actually bring about sustainable change. RAISE targets the underlying causes of poverty and seeks to strengthen and build the resilience of the whole community. Depending on local contexts, this may be in the form of securing clean water sources, promoting health and hygiene or facilitating school attendance so that children can reach their full potential!


As a Christian organisation we believe that God designed and ordained families to care for children. Psalm 68:6 states that “God sets the lonely in families”. In order to support vulnerable children and strengthen families at risk of separation, ACC! Relief has launched an initiative called Kinnected, which aims to help keep children in families. [Read More]