NSW & QLD Drought Appeal

Due to unprecedented dry and hot weather farmers in NSW and Queensland are facing terrible conditions in keeping their livestock and farms operational and sustainable.  With conditions worsening farmers are resorting to paying exorbitant fees to buy and ship feed in from around the country to keep their stock alive and with water supplies low, dams drying up the impact is intensifying for the farmers as they navigate these extreme conditions.

ACCI Missions has launched a disaster relief appeal to support those impacted by this drought.  We will be working closely with ACC churches in both NSW and QLD to coordinate a response to families most affected by this crisis.

This is a non-tax deductible appeal with ACCI Missions.

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NSW South Coast Bushfire Appeal - Closed

Devastating bushfires have damaged and destroyed over 70 buildings, including 35 homes, on the New South Wales south coast, especially impacting the coastal town of Tathra. The fire, fanned by very strong winds and high temperatures, moved quickly leaving many families with little or no time to evacuate. 

ACCI Relief has launched a disaster relief appeal to support those impacted by these fires. We will be working closely with ACC churches in the area, including Resonate Church and Sapphire Life Church, to coordinate a response to provide counselling, emergency housing and material support to families most affected by this crisis. 
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Middle East Crisis Appeal

Conflicts in recent years across countries in the Middle East have led to widespread human suffering, destruction of infrastructure and the loss of thousands of civilian lives. According to the UN, in Iraq and Syria alone over 9 million people have been internally displaced and over 23 million people are in need of humanitarian assistance.

In response to this, ACCI Relief is partnering with Preemptive Love Coalition to provide humanitarian assistance to those affected in Iraq and Syria. This assistance is targeted at those who have been internally displaced, as well as those trying to remain or rebuild their homes within their own communities. 

To find out more information and to donate please follow the donate button below.




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QLD & NSW Floods - Closed

Major floods have hit the New South Wales far north coast, with tens of thousands of people returning to their homes after being evacuated from Murwillumbah, Tumbulgum and Lismore, some of the main areas hit. Further north in Queensland, flooding continues to wreak havoc, with waters remaining high in the wake of ex-cyclone Debbie.

ACCI Missions has been in correspondence with Chaplaincy Australia as well as both the NSW and QLD ACC State Offices, who have reported a number of local ACC churches are in the process of responding to the needs within their communities of those affected by the flood waters.

ACCI Missions has launched a non-tax deductible appeal to raise funds to assist our ACC Churches to respond to this disaster.


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Haiti Hurricane Appeal - Closed

ACCI Relief has launched an Humanitarian Relief Appeal to help those affected by Hurricane Matthew that hit Haiti in October 2016. The category 4 storm caused widespread devastation across the country, with the South-West of the country most affected. Over 1,000 people have lost their lives and over 1 million people are in need of assistance.

ACCI Relief's first response partners on the ground in Haiti have provided emergency assistance including supplies such as food, clean water, hygiene kits, blankets, tarps, water filters and solar lights. These much needed supplies have been provided to families and children in heavily affected areas.  

As we move into the recovery phase, ACCI Relief is partnering with Lumos to protect vulnerable children. In the aftermath of a disaster, children are at risk of being unnecessarily placed in institutional care, either through separation in the chaos of the disaster or through families losing their homes and livelihoods and being unable to care for their children. Furthermore, opportunistic child traffickers prey on vulnerable families in post-disaster contexts. This has been seen following many disasters, including the Haiti earthquake in 2010.

Our recovery efforts are therefore focused on identifying vulnerable families and developing support plans that will enable them to return home, stay together and prevent children from being placed in institutional care. This support includes the reconstruction of family homes that were totally destroyed, assistance accessing education and healthcare again, and income-generation opportunities for the parents. These efforts ensure that vulnerable children remain protected within the care of their family - where they belong.

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Sri Lanka Floods - Closed

ACCI Relief Field Workers Alison and Narel Atkinson are responding to flooding in Sri Lanka caused by heavy monsoonal rains.

The flooding and landslides have caused widespread damage across the southern and western parts of the country, with forecasts predicting worse weather still to come. So far over 193 people have lost their lives, many remain missing and at least 557,500 people have been affected.

Alison and Narel run HelpKids Sri Lanka, an ACCI Relief project partner, and through their organisation are coordinating a response with the local government and local churches in the heavily affected province of Kalutara.

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Syrian Refugee Crisis Appeal - Closed

Over the past few days, heavy fighting in Aleppo, Syria, has drastically escalated. The city has been devastated, many civilians including children have lost their lives and an estimated 75,000 people have fled the city desperately seeking safety. In response to this horrific situation, ACC International Relief is partnering with Pre-Emptive Love Coalition on the ground in Aleppo to provide emergency supplies including food, clean water and bedrolls, to those affected. Please support this appeal today. 



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Nepal Earthquake Appeal - Closed

ACC International Relief launched a Humanitarian Relief Appeal to assist those affected by the earthquake in Nepal. A 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit Nepal in April, 2015 causing widespread damage throughout Nepal and the surrounding region. The earthquake collapsed many houses, destroyed historical buildings and caused avalanches in the Himalayas. It is the worst earthquake to hit the country in over 80 years.

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Vanuatu Cyclone Appeal - Closed

ACC International Relief launched an Humanitarian Relief Appeal to provide immediate and recovery assistance to affected communities after the Vanuatu Cyclone in March, 2015. This included the provision of shelter materials, water, and cooking kits, which were distributed through local church networks in partnership with Samaritans Purse. ACCI also worked through our Field Workers and the National church to assist families and communities with rebuilding and recovery efforts. 

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Iraq Appeal - Closed

ACC International Relief has launched a Humanitarian Relief Appeal to help those affected by the recent crisis in Iraq. Islamic State Extremists have been responsible for the murder of an untold number of people and the displacement of approximately 1.8 million throughout Iraq. Many of these refugees have fled to the city Erbil and are living in makeshift accommodation where they are struggling to meet their most basic needs.

ACC International Relief is partnering with a network of local organisations that are providing humanitarian assistance to displaced people in the city of Erbil. The focus of these relief efforts is to provide life-saving food, water, shelter, medical care and trauma counselling to over 1000 families in their care.

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