Nepal Earthquake Appeal

ACC International Relief has launched a Humanitarian Relief Appeal to assist those affected by the earthquake in Nepal.

A 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit Nepal on Saturday causing widespread damage throughout Nepal and the surrounding region. The earthquake collapsed many houses, destroyed historical buildings and caused avalanches in the Himalayas. It is the worst earthquake to hit the country in over 80 years. 

There is still no final account of casualties, but more than 7,500 are already confirmed dead and the homeless number in the hundreds of thousands. Hospitals are overflowing with the injured with small children and the elderly at particular risk from disease and exposure. In Kathmandu valley, Kathmandu, Lalitpur, Bhaktapur and Kritipur whole districts have been reduced to rubble. There is a need for tents, foods, drinking water, medicines and blankets. 

Emergency Relief Supplies:

An number of Church building in Kathmandu have been badly damaged, however, Church buildings that are still standing have become group shelters for those have who have lost every thing. One of our partners, Ps Ashok Adhikari and his network of churches have begun responding by providing limited food and emergency supplies.  The immediate need in Nepal is for emergency supplies.

ACCI Relief funding has initially been used through ACCI’s own partner Ps Ashok Adhikari to facilitate the distribution of food, water, tents, clothes and other basic supplies. Ps Ashok and his network of churches have begun responding by providing basic food and emergency supplies in shelters and villages.  

Medical Care:

ACCI Relief is working with our on the ground contacts to assist those in need of medical care.  ACCI Relief is supporting medical teams being dispatched into communities in affected districts including Gorkha, Lalitpur and Sindhupalchowk districts. Emergency medical treatments and needs assessments are currently being completed. 

ACCI Relief will also support Anandaban Hospital located just outside Kathmandu. This hospital has been treating many of those that have been injured during the earthquake and will continue to treat those in need of medical care. ACCI Relief is coordinating this response with Leprosy Mission Nepal, of which ACCI’s Ps Ashok is Chairman of their board. 

Child Protection and Anti-Trafficking:

ACCIR is working with on the ground contacts to establish a new anti-trafficking project in the worst affected district of Sindhupalchowk. The project aims to:

  1. Advocate in communities about the dangers of trafficking
  2. Preserve family unity
  3. Reunify children who have been separated from their families.

The project will then work to reunify unaccompanied child with their families, reunify orphan with other members of their extended families and support the strengthening of families who are at risk allowing their children to be trafficked. 

ACCI Relief is working with on the ground contacts from Next Generation Nepal. ACCI Relief and Next Generation Nepal are both members of the Better Care Network, a network of organisations focused on the issue of children without adequate family care and working towards reducing family separation and supporting family based alternative care.

For those wishing to donate via bank transfer, please be advised that our banking details are:
Account Name: ACC International Relief
BSB No: 013-384
Account No: 3028-30114
Description: WR150 Nepal

Once a donation has been made, please e-mail with donation details for receipting and audit purposes.

For cheque donations, please make out the cheque to ACC International Relief and post to 5/2 Sarton Road, Clayton VIC 3168.

Note: Gifts of $2 or more to World Relief Fund (an endorsed Deductible Gift Recipient Fund) are tax deductible. Please Contact ACC International Relief if you have any issues concerning this receipt at

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