WR082 Transform Cambodia

On any one day there are over 15,000 young children working or living on the streets of Cambodia, scraping a living from scavenging, begging or selling. These are the poorest children in Cambodia and have little access to education or hope for a better future. Transform Cambodia gives children the opportunity to have a quality education and learn practical life skills to transform their lives and break the poverty cycle.


Transform Cambodia operates 30 Community Learning Centres in Cambodia which provide supplementary education, extra tutoring and support to over 3000 children and their families

The Transform Centres partner with local schools giving disadvantaged kids better access to formal education and the chance to boost their learning. We’ve seen incredible progress in the lives of children, with improved health, well being and grades. Many are now in high school! Transform Cambodia also work in strengthening and supporting the families to ensure children grow up in stable and healthy environments. 


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