1Day Campaign


By donating one day's salary, you are investing into seeing pivotal moments of change in the lives of other people.  You are supporting missionaries and national workers to engage in moments of change with people who are poor, marginalised, oppressed and who lack access to resource and opportunity.

So for 1Day: Get to work, get on a train, endure the traffic, get paid and give ...
because everything can change in just 1Day.



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How to run your 1Day

Make sure you check out our Church Guide for all you need to know on running a successful 1Day event at your church:



Note: Gifts of $2 or more to World Relief Fund (an endorsed Deductible Gift Recipient Fund) are tax deductible.
Please Contact ACC International Relief if you have any issues concerning this receipt at finance@accir.org.au


Contributions are tax deductible.