Corporate Partners: 


ACS Financial


Innovative Financial Services Supporting ACCI

ACS Financial is our financial services organisation, wholly owned by the ACC Movement. They have been serving clients and partners for over 25 years, and are proud to be contributing to the success of our movement both in Australia and overseas. 

But what can insurance, commercial lending, investment management and advisory services really do to support
missions? A surprising amount! ACS Financial has gotten creative in their outworking of social responsibility. They have a goal to develop sustainable funding models that will seed missions and relief programs at ACC International. 

One key initiative is to offer personal insurance like no other currently available in the market. Not only will ACS Financial offer protection to consumers, but, just as importantly, these products will contribute to programs that ACCI run and make a difference to peoples’ lives overseas, who experience poverty and other vulnerabilities. When an individual chooses to switch their personal insurance to ACS Financial and select ACCI as their Christian charity of choice, ACS Financial will distribute a share of the premium towards the mission of ACCI. These personal insurance products will be like no other on offer by any insurance company in Australia.

Beyond this funding stream, ACS Financial also seeks to provide services and products to better equip the work of ACCI. 

This is a financial services organisation which operates in the area of social responsibility not with rhetoric, but with integrity, wisdom and dedication to the cause. We are grateful for their continued support and partnership! 

They operate across four key areas of business across the financial services landscape, these include:

  • Insurance Services
  • Commercial Lending
  • Investment Management
  • Advisory Services

ACS Financial is committed to serving Christian churches, schools and theological colleges and broadening their reach across the Australian Christian community. As they continue to grow, so too does their energy and commitment to social responsibility, namely through partnership with ACCI. 

The team at ACS Financial is excited by the future and the opportunity to further protect and grow the mission of the ACC Movement. 

Network Communications: ACCIR Charity Mobile Plan

You can connect to any Optus plan at Network Communications to support the work of ACCI Relief.  When you sign up, 5% of your monthly phone bill be be donated to ACCI Relief. 


Our generous partners at Network Communications want to help you connect even better to our work around the world. When you sign up or renew your existing Optus Plan with Network Communications, you can choose to support our work – with no extra cost or hassle for you.

Network Communications is recognised as the largest Optus regional dealer in Australia, with a current network of 67 dealerships, of which the majority are locally owned.

So if you’re looking for a new mobile plan, or your contract is up for renewal, make sure you visit Network Communications to get a great service and start supporting ACCIR with your mobile phone! Your support will make a world of difference.

Phone: 1300 983 523 or Online here.