Syrian Refugee Crisis Appeal

The civil war in Syria has claimed an estimated 450,000 lives and displaced more than 12 million people in the past five years. These displaced millions have been left homeless and in desperate need of safety. Many have fled the country, making their way into neighbouring countries and across Europe in search of safety, while millions remain displaced internally in Syria as the fighting continues. 

Europe Response

In 2016, ACC International Relief responded to this crisis and is participating in a co-ordinated inter-agency response to support those seeking safety. This includes emergency physical relief, counselling, migrant assistance and other services to displaced families in transit countries such as Hungary, Serbia and Georgia.

Aleppo Response

The drastic escalation of fighting in Aleppo, Syria, has lead to widespread destruction in the city, the loss of many civilian lives including children and an estimated 75,000 people fleeing for safety. In response to this, ACC International Relief is working with Pre-Emptive Love Coalition on the ground in Aleppo to provide food, clean water, bedrolls and other emergency supplies to those fleeing the war zones.

If you are interested in learning more about how your church can respond to refugees within Australia, then follow this link

Donation Details

For those wishing to donate via bank transfer, please be advised that our banking details are:
Account Name:  ACC International Relief
BSB No:            013-384
Account No:      3028-30114
Description:     WR153
Email:     with donation details for receipting and audit purposes.

For cheque donations, please make out the cheque to ACC International Relief and post to 5/2 Sarton Road, Clayton VIC 3150. 

In the unlikely event of this appeal being oversubscribed, surplus funds will be redirected towards a similar relief or community development project.

Note: Gifts of $2 or more to World Relief Fund (an endorsed Deductible Gift Recipient Fund) are tax deductible. Please Contact ACC International Relief if you have any issues concerning this receipt at

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