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Madagascar is currently gripped by severe poverty, with an average of 70% of its population living well below the United Nations defined poverty line. Currently 1.8 million children in Madagascar have little access to education, as private schools are too expensive and public schooling is severely underdeveloped.

High absentee rates, due to the need for children to help their families cause many students to fall behind and drop out of school at early ages. The average level of education in agricultural and remote areas of Madagascar is Grade 3 or less. 

Project Madagascar’s two education centres provide education to over 200 children from some of the poorest suburbs of the capital city, Antananarivo. Project Madagascar’s unique culturally sensitive, self-paced curriculum, taught in three languages, has been very successful and the students have been consistently outperforming all expectations. 

With a good quality education these children have the opportunity to break the poverty cycle and build better futures. 

Many students at Project Madagascar come from severely disadvantaged families. This organisation has a passion to see its students grow up in an environment where they can be given a quality education to enable them to reach their full potential. 

Through providing vulnerable children with education and other support services, Project Madagascar aims to reduce poverty and improve the standard of living of students and their families. 

By partnering with us through RAISE, you offer support to not just a single child at a Project Madagascar School, but you support the broaderimpact that is being achieved in the lives of many children, that also brings flow-on benefit to their families. 

We thank you for your incredible support. 

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