Hope Centre Mozambique

The HOPE initiatives aim to provide a variety of training and education opportunities for individuals, families and children living in Beira to contribute towards the transformation and development of Mozambique.

The Hope Centre is an early education centre that creates a nurturing environment for children to develop holistically, access health care and enjoy a nutritious meal each day. The Centre currently provides early education to 140 children, many of which come from disadvantaged families. The Centre not only supports the children, but staff work alongside parents to encourage and strengthen them to provide the best care possible for their children. The Hope Centre lives up to its name: bringing hope to children and their families every day. 

The Hope College provides Community Development and Village Health Care training with the aim of equipping local leaders with the skills required to facilitate community-led development and health initiatives in their own villages.  The Hope College also provides English language courses to students and local community members seeking to improve their English skills and broaden their employment prospects.

The Hope Farm aims to provide financial sustainability for the HOPE initiatives and will be used as part of an agricultural training program that is being developed by the Hope College, equipping graduates with the skills to develop sustainable agriculture and agroecology systems within their communities.

Based in Beira, Mozambique, the HOPE initiatives are run by ACCI Field Worker Robbie Housen. 

The Hope Centre is part of ACCI Relief's RAISE program. If you would like to become a monthly supporter of this program, you can support RAISE Mozambique here




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