Raise: Mozambique

Education levels in Mozambique are extremely low. There are very few pre- schools in operation and children struggle later in school class sizes of 70 - 80 children. The Hope Centre is now making it possible for young children to have access to good health care, good food, development and education that will prepare them for their future. 

The Hope Centre is a Christian organisation based in Beira, Mozambique, established and run by ACCI Field Worker Robbie Housen. 

The Hope Centre provides early education to approximately 120 students - many of whom come from severely disadvantaged families. The Hope Centre has a passion to see its students grow up in an environment where they can be given a quality education to enable them to reach their full potential. 

Through providing vulnerable children with education and other support services, the Hope Centre aims is to reduce poverty and improve the standard of living of students and their families. By having a place for their children to attend pre-school, many parents are able to better earn an income and support their families.

The Hope Centre understands that to provide holistic care for a child, their family needs to be supported and strengthened. 

By partnering with us through RAISE, you offer support to not just one child at the Hope Centre, but you support their families and broader community also. The Hope Centre operates in conjunction with broader development intiatives in Beira, including clean water projects, literacy education and training for Village Health Care workers. 

Each child in the Hope Centre receives assistance with their education, nutritious food, and medical care when needed. As a RAISE Partner, you are contributing towards this life-changing assistance. 

In addition to the support offered to children, Robbie and her team also provide development training for adults on the topics of village health, agriculture and husbandry. Students will also be trained in business management in order to learn how to manage their finances and establish micro-businesses.

The students who receive this training will return to their communities and implement the lessons that they have learnt and develop and implement their own community development projects.

They have established their own farm as a way to practically teach students about sustainable agricultural practices. The farm also provides an income source to support the sustainability of the Hope Centre project.



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