Raise: Sri Lanka


ACCI Field workers Alison & Narel Atkinson have seen incredible impact through their community based care for children in Sri Lanka. Together with theirteam, they oversee and run the operation of The Help Kids Centre, based near a large slum in Colombo.

The Help Kids Centre has provided early childhood education since 2006 to children who are living on the streets with their parents or who are from the surrounding slums in Colombo. Their mission is to focus on the whole child by providing a secure, nurturing, and educational environment for children - a place for children to grow into responsible, considerate and contributing members of society. 

Many of the children who attend the centre are frequently exposed to physical and emotional danger in their community. The Centre provides a safe environment for children to freely express how they feel, and there are counsellors who spend time with children who may need care and support. The Centre also provides medical and dental checks, and Help Kids Program Managers educate children on how to protect themselves from abuse. 

By partnering with us through RAISE, you offer support to not just one child at Help Kids, but support their families and broader community.


Help Kids understands that to provide holistic care for a child, their family needs to be supported and strengthened. By building strong relationships with parents, they support, educate and encourage families as they face the challenges of poverty.  As a result, many of these parents have been empowered to improve their family’s situation.

Each child in the Help Kids program receives assistance with their education, nutritious food, and medical care and education when necessary. 

As a RAISE Partner, you are contributing towards this life-changing assistance. 

We thank you for your incredible support.



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