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Vision_Rescue_Logo.pngWorking right in the heart of slum communities of the urban cities of Mumbai, Chennai and Kolkata, Vision Rescue's main focus is to get every uneducated child into school. To truly accomplish this involving, equipping and transforming a child's family and overarching community is key as they all play a role in the successful pursuit of education. Via multiple community and support services, families and communities as a whole are given the means to overcome any barriers that may prevent their children from never going to school or dropping out. Community workers work via a case management system identify the reasons a child is not going to school (or is on the verge of drop out) and works in providing access to services and partnered services to help.

Some of the community and support services provided include, medical aid, dental aid, sports enrichment programs, vocational training, formal slum school (Beacon), and more. Though medical and financial barriers are the most prevalent, sometimes parents and children simply need help filling enrolments forms or a strong encouragement to pursue an education. For cases like these, Vision Rescue provides non-formal education (mobile school-bus classes) that help spark an interest for education in kids and stokes their confidence to pursue it. 

Moving forward community centres will be the main hub of activity as all the Vision Rescue services will be channeled through it to the community and the families in need. Working as a 24/7 hub, these centres will be able to have different classes running to engage and sustain children in education and even inform and equip their families with any skills and information needed to raise their children. We hope to see a centre in each of the slum communities we work in that is completely run by local volunteers and community leaders.



Jainub's Story









Jainub is a 9 year old girl from Mumbai. She is an intelligent, curious child who loves school. Her conditions though, are less than ideal as her mother is sick with tuberculosis and her alcoholic father works on a Hathgadi bringing home barely any earnings. She is unable regularly attend school as she has 5 siblings who are very young and need her to care for them. As her mother is bedridden she has to handle all the house work as well.

Her dream is to become a teacher someday but her greatest fear is that she will be unable to attend school regularly due to her poor home situation and the poverty around her. She says that when she does come on the Vision Rescue Bus, the meal she receives is often the only meal that she and the family have. Many a time they have no option but to drink water and sleep at night.

If her father has a good day at work he might bring home a little wheat flour or rice that they could cook, but these days are few and far between as he usually ends up coming home drunk only to abuse his wife.

We hope to make a part of Jainub‘s dream come true by helping her receive basic education and nourishment.


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