Vision Rescue India

Vision Rescue is empowering people to find their purpose, enjoy their rights, and live with dignity. Out of the 23 million individuals living in Mumbai, 54% live in slum communities. 70% of the children in the communities are malnourished and many of them are uneducated and in high risk situations. With a little love and care, Vision Rescue seeks to empower these individuals and bring dignity to entire communities through education, dental and drug rehabilitation projects.


Vision Rescue runs buses throughout slum communities that act as mobile classrooms. Children are provided with basic informal education and a healthy meal on board these mobile classrooms. Hundreds of children are currently receiving informal education in slums throughout Mumbai and Kolkata, preparing them to enter the formal school system. More than 350 children have enrolled into schools with Vision Rescue’s support.

Mobile Dental Van Project

Vision Rescue operates a mobile dental van that travels to different slum areas of Mumbai. The van provides free dental checkups and treatment to children and adults. The program includes oral hygiene awareness activities such as demonstration of correct brushing technique and distribution of other oral care information.

Drug and Rehabilitation Project

The Drug and Rehabilitation project assists those struggling with addictions to help them reclaim their lives and be restored to their families and communities. The project provides support to those struggling with addiction so they can access medical treatment, counselling and basic necessities. The project also supports them to receive treatment at de-addiction centres and find job placements. 



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