WR035 AOGWR Vietnam Community Development

Though Vietnam is one of Southeast Asia’s fastest growing economies, the majority of the population in rural areas are still struggling to survive from day to day. Vietnam AOG connects and partners with children, families and whole communities in Vietnam to see them trained, equipped and in turn empowered to actively determine and participate their own development.

Vietnam AOG is currently working alongside over 120 villages in different ways, as each community creates a personalised set of development goals during Community Development Workshops run by Vietnam AOG. These workshop intensives are all about the community identifying their own existing and possible assets, and creating development plans that they themselves can implement.

Across 120 villages we are seeing:

Rural development: Agricultural training around farming practices, seed and crop and small business development. It also runs Livestock Programs to help families establish themselves.  

Health and Safety: This includes training on the importance of health and hygiene, water and sanitation projectshealth checks, surgical opportunities for those in need, as well as the upskilling of medical staff and medical equipment to improve existing facilities and strengthen local systems.

Education and Training: Education and Training projects to facilitate opportunities for vulnerable and at risk children and youth. One of our exciting new projects includes a Lifeskills Course for males and females called Courageous and Flourish, helping individuals better managed the challenges they encounter and build bright futures. 


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