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ACC International Relief has a long-term partner in Vietnam - AOG World Relief. This group of people are passionate about partnering with communities to see them empowered to participate in, and ultimately determine, their own development. Based in central Vietnam, AOGWR has a purpose of bringing about transformation in the lives of not only individuals but in entire villages and communities: 

We are dedicated to helping children and their wider communities achieve their full potential by not only providing practical assistance but also by tackling the causes of poverty in Vietnam. By partnering with us through RAISE, you offer support to not just one child only, but to their families and their whole village also. 

We are currently working with over 1,000 Vietnamese children throughout 120 villages. 

In Vietnam, there are many children still living in abject poverty.The best way to change the life of these children is to change the world in which they live. And we believe the best way to change their world is to help their community become self-sufficient. This is what the RAISE program seeks to achieve, hand in hand with our community development work.

Children in our focus areas will receive access to resources that will help give them the education and future they deserve. Essentially,RAISE helps to provide long term benefits for the child, their family and the broader community by complementing our vital community development work. This is done through empowerment-focused programs and training that includes: clean water and sanitation facilities; pay-it- forward livestock system; health education; and medical assistance such as life-saving operations for children.

As a RAISE Partner, you are contributing towards this life-changing assistance. 

We thank you for your incredible support. 

Paul & Deb Hilton 

AOGWR Vietnam Country Directors 


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