Up to 43% of the population in Laos lack easy access to clean water. That is why TerraClear is working to prevent disease, sickness and child mortality caused by unclean drinking water in Lao People's Democratic Republic.  They produce and sell affordable water filters so that all people have access to clean drinking water, even in communities that are extremely remote and difficult to access. 

The Lao Ceramic Water Filter Project, by TerraClear, helps families in Laos gain access to clean water and sanitation training. They are the first and only organisation producing and selling affordable water filters for household use in Laos. Their WASH education program has also been working to increase awareness on the importance of clean drinking water and proper sanitation.

Since the project began in 2012, over 207,726 people's lives have been changed for the better with access to clean drinking water. Over 498 community groups have run WASH education programs, educating whole communities on the importance of clean drinking water, sanitation and health. This year they have also made progress in expanding their reach to the most rural and remote communities in Northern Laos. 


Your donation will make a difference through providing the life-changing gift of clean water.

$200 provides: a water filter for a community health clinic.
Provide a ceramic water filter package for a health clinic in Lao and training for health clinic officials in the correct use of the filter. Each health clinic supports approximately three villages. The filter will not only provide clean drinking water for a key community health facility but will also help promote and demonstrate the importance of clean drinking water to the surrounding communities.

$520 supports: a Clean Water Promoter for one month.
Clean Water Promoters work to build awareness and knowledge to villagers and community members about the importance of having clean drinking water through promoting the use of water filters within the household.

$600 provides: a WASH training event in a school or village, and provides water filters for community leaders.
Each training event includes practical demonstrations of water filter use, handwashing, safe disposal of faeces and other basic hygiene practices. Also included is the provision of two water filters to school and community leaders who can model the effectiveness of water filters to the wider community.

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