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Decades of political turmoil, conflict and violence combined with the huge impact of the HIV/AIDS epidemic have left Uganda struggling to recover. Although huge progress has been made recently, Uganda is still ranked as one of the poorest nations on earth and approximately 1 out of 5 children do not attend primary school. Many of these children are the 2 million children who have lost one or both parents to HIV/AIDS.

COME Uganda operates nursery and primary schools with an aim to see its students grow up in an environment where they can be given a quality education so that they can reach their full potential. Through providing children with education and other support services, COME Uganda’s aim is to improve the standard of living of students and their families. 


In addition to the support offered to children, COME Uganda also operates the following projects:

GOLD Group

In 2009, COME Uganda started a support group for women who are HIV positive. The group is called ‘GOLD’ and it aims to gather these women together to support them and allow them to support each other to overcome their challenges.

The majority of these ladies live not only in poverty but are also ostracised from their community and rejected by their families. Many of their husbands have either left or died leaving them to raise their children alone. The ladies have recently begun a sewing course with hopes that they can start their own businesses or gain employment so that they can increase their standard of living and better provide for their children.

Together these women have found a place of acceptance, love and belonging. By supporting each other and being provided the opportunity to learn a skill they have a brighter hope for the future and the future of their children.

Sewing Group

A sewing group provides training to women in the community. The majority of the women in the group are widowed or HIV positive and struggle to provide for their families. The training will provide them with a useful skill they can use in the community to generate an income.

Adult literacy

Through the adult literacy program, a wide demographic of students from the local community are equipped with literacy and numeracy skills. Adult literacy has greatly improved the students’ ability to run their own businesses and interact confidently in everyday life.

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