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Happy Village Products began at the old Happy Village in 2006, when two women in a slum community on the riverbank in Phnom Penh expressed a desire to learn to sew, as a way to support their families. San Sara and an Australian named Sam Willans bought these women two sewing machines. The project has since grown, and there are now 10 women involved. It is led by Sara’s wife, Sochea. These items help this group of women to earn an income, while also giving them a deep sense of self-worth. We want to expand this project into other slum communities, so that more Cambodian women can have an opportunity to learn a skill that will help them to support their family.

You can provide life-changing support by purchasing products made by the women in new Happy Village. The dream of many people in this village is that they will have the skills to not only be able to support their own family, but also to go out and provide help for others who are living in the poverty they once knew.

Note: Gifts to this project are not tax-deductible.

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