Bethesda Disability Training Solomon Islands

Bethseda runs a Disability Training and Support Centre that provides training and education opportunities for people with disabilities, as well as their carers. In the Solomon Islands, the majority of people with a disability do not have access to appropriate medical care, education, employment and support, and must remain close to home. There is a lot of stigma associated with living with a disability and people are often denied fundamental human rights such as dignity, education, and the opportunity to make choices and shape their own lives. Bethseda is working to remove this stigma and give them the chance to live with hope.

The Bethesda Disability Training and Support Centre was established in 2009, and is the only adult disability centre in the Solomon Islands assisting people with disabilities and providing opportunity to obtain various skills in typing, woodwork, sewing and animal husbandry.

Last year, Bethseda saw 26 people with a disability trained, new business and literacy subjects were added to their curriculum at the request of their students, 80% of graduates joined self-support groups in their local communities, and land was purchased to enable new subjects in agriculture and farming to begin! 


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