WR131 Frontline - Philippines

Frontline enables and equips communities to be the positive change their village needs, and builds hope into individuals’ lives.


It began with a pilot project with the Bajao Community, a landless people who were originally seafarers, but now squat on unused land in Batangas City, Philippines. Frontline and the Banao Community identified their most pressing needs and established a community owned cooperative – giving small businesses the opportunity to develop through micro loans, and individuals the chance to grow through life skills training and development opportunities.

Frontline has now expanded its program to include the Magang Community, who also do not own the land they live on and face health and sanitation issues, malnutrition, and a lack of employment and education opportunities. Yet since no two communities are the same, each project looks different. Frontline is guiding community-led and designed development projects that focus on tapping into existing local resources and initiatives to encourage local ownership and sustainability. 



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