WR142 Community Transformation Project Siem Reap

This Community Transformation Project works alongside 20 different communities to see their goals achieved! By providing training and support to community members, they are seeing issues of health and hygiene addressed, vulnerable families strengthened and whole communities transformed!


Water, sanitation and health are integral to any community’s wellbeing and development. Not only are there direct benefits, but it can also dramatically reduce instances of debt, enhance livelihoods and increase incomes. The project provides communities with health and hygiene training and education, clay water filters, latrines, and mosquito nets.

The Project also focuses on strengthening families of children who are orphaned or abandoned, so that they can continue to care for children within the community. This prevents families from breaking down. Families are not just supported financially, but will be engaged in broader community development programs to build their capacity and knowledge and ensure children in extended family care can access education, received adequate food and nutrition, and to prevent further issues and illness in their home.


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