WR144 Children In Families

Nearly 75% of the 12, 000 children living in orphanages in Cambodia have at least one living parent (UNICEF). Poverty and limited access to education are the main reasons why these children are placed in residential care, away from their own families and communities. Children in Families exists to place vulnerable children in loving families.

Children in Families understands that for children’s healthy development, the love, nurturing and security of a permanent family unit is required. For those children who cannot be reunited with their birth parents, CIF finds permanent Cambodian families for children through kinship care and long-term foster care and supports their journey.

$75 covers schooling costs for a child for a year
Recent statistics show that the primary school completion rate in Cambodia is only 54% (UNICEF, 2005-2009). This gift will cover the schooling costs of a vulnerable child who is part of a ‘Children in Families’ program.

$395 provides family sponsorship for one year
This gift extends support to an entire family to help care for a vulnerable child. Through supporting foster and extended families, children are unlikely to be abandoned at an orphanage or trafficked. Instead, they are provided with the love, care and ongoing support that can only be found in a family unit.

$540 provides baby formula for one year
29% of Cambodian children under five are underweight (WHO, 2003 – 2009). Formula is an incredible gift for a child whose mother is not present, and empowers the next of kin or foster care parent to be an effective primary carer. For these children, access to formula promotes healthy physical growth and development. (An alternate gift is one month of formula, at $45).

To learn more about the work of Children in Families, visit their website http://www.childreninfamilies.org/



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