EFICOR_Logo.jpgEFICOR is a National Christian Organisation engaged in Development, Advocacy, Disaster Response and Training serving the poor, socially excluded and the marginalized in situations of poverty, injustice and disaster irrespective of caste, creed or ethnicity.

Their Livelihood projects assist in empowering vulnerable, tribal, rural and urban communities to meet their food needs and overcome injustice, restoring hope and dignity. EFICOR provides skills training to farmer groups to increase crop yield, which ensures sufficient food supply even in lean season and access cash income for household expenses.  They train farmers to conserve natural resources, link them to Income Generation programmes and provide works towards clean drinking water which helps them to overcome health issues.

EFICOR also builds community based methods to address negative impacts of climate change and facilitates community based practices to respond and adapt to actual or potential impacts of climate change. 

EFICOR's health projects include working to improve maternal and child health as well as supporting and educating communities who have HIV & AIDS. The key strategies of EFICOR are building the capacity of frontline health workers to deliver quality services with effectiveness, providing supportive supervision during village health and nutrition day, strengthening village health sanitation and nutrition committee and facilitating innovative behavior change communication activities to improve the knowledge as well as to bring positive behavioral changes among the mothers and those diagnosed with HIV/AIDS.

In addition EFICOR are involved with career guidance, soft skills training, sector specific training, placement support, social security protection, entrepreneurship counselling and self employment opportunities for persons with disabilities.

Their disaster projects respond by helping to rebuild lives of disaster affected communities in line with international humanitarian standards.



Child Survival Project, Balangir



The child survival project information will be added shortly.

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