Unnati Project

In the rural villages of Balangir India, almost 1 out of every 10 babies born will not live to see their first birthday. Despite a range of government services, health and nutrition services are just not having the expected impact.

Low birth weights, anemia and the absence of proper prenatal and postnatal care are life-threatening issues for mothers and their babies. 



In response to this issue ACCI Relief is partnering with EFICOR to launch the Unnati Maternal and Child Health Project aimed at saving the lives of mothers and babies. 

The Unnati project aims to drastically reduce the high rate of maternal and child deaths in the region by building the capacity of local health personnel and services, while also working with women and their communities to build their awareness of health services available to them and health prevention strategies. By working to support and strengthen existing services and health campaigns, the project aims to see long term change in maternal and child health outcomes.



The project will work collaboratively with government, local health agencies, local organisations, local churches and community members to achieve sustainable and holistic change.



The project officially commenced in January 2018 and we will be journeying with the project staff over the coming years to see thousands of families and whole communities transformed through better health outcomes!


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