Kinnected Myanmar Project

logo_Kinnected.pngKinnected seeks to assist faith-based organisations that run long-term residential care facilities in low and middle-income countries engage with best practice in the care of children and undergo deinstitutionalization. We assist them to transition into programs that provide family preservation and strengthening services or family based care.  Kinnected is currently working in eight countries and advising projects in a further two countries.


ACCIR has initiated a partnership with a network of 6 local faith-based organisations that collectively oversee 72 orphanages. Our goal is to

1. Initially form two working groups comprised of staff from 17 orphanages who are ready to begin the process of deinstitutionalisation. Through these working groups we will provide technical support, training, resources and ongoing coaching, and

2. Continue to advocate within the broader networks of faith-based orphanages in Myanmar regarding child rights and best practice in the care of children with the view to bring more of these orphanages into the working groups overtime.


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