BIH, Sri Lanka

‘Creating Opportunity that Transforms Community’

BIH works with the marginalised within the Northern and North Central Provinces of Sri Lanka. Our aim is to see communities better equipped and empowered with the skills and mindsets to address their own needs in order to have more opportunities in life. BIH was established by Sharon and Jerome and currently run the following activities:


Montessori School


BIH provides quality early education to children in the North Central Region. By building respectful and caring relationships with the children and their families we work together to deliver effective learning and positive development experiences relevant to children in their local context.

This is also to ensure that children starting from the age of 2 years get the best start in life which will have long term impacts for their future and their ability to access life opportunities.

Working closely with parents we get to impact whole families to see them equipped and empowered to overcome barriers and learn to access the best opportunities available to them as well.

English in Schools


BIH is the only volunteer organisation in the region that teaches the most essential link language English in local schools in a way which is effective, interesting, creative and enjoyable for children. Achieving better outcomes for the most vulnerable. For these students’ English skills open up a whole new arena for further studies and employment, especially in the tourist or private sector organisations.  


Training Centre and Programs


BIH are currently planning the construction of a multi-functional building to help expand their work. We have already outgrown our current premises with 20 children in the first year.

This building will house both our Montessori School and other community activities like a playgroup for children with special needs.

The training centre will also partner to host government and non-governmental vocational training and other courses essential to the communities around us. 

Day Care Centre


BIH is currently also assisting a community bordering the Northern Province in response to the huge need for a day care in this area. This need was raised after multiple serious child protection incidents occurred due to children being left unaccompanied while their parents go to work. 

BIH will facilitate training for women in the local community and are looking for support to sponsor their salaries as they establish this day care centre in 2018.


Latest News:

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