House of Hope Africa


House of Hope Africa exists to holistically improve the lives of vulnerable women, children and families living in disadvantaged communities in Zambia.


Working with one family at a time, they support them to overcome their unique challenges and aim to see them empowered to create positive change in their own lives. This support looks different for each family and can include emergency relief in times of crisis, support to access education for their children, and advocacy to help them access local health services for their whole family.


House of Hope Africa’s Educare program works with each individual child and their family, along with local schools and education bodies, to overcome the barriers that prevent children from accessing schooling. Support ranges from a bridging program that helps children develop the competencies to transition to mainstream schools, tutoring classes, early education, school fee assistance and broader programs aimed at increasing the family capacity to keep their children in school.




Contributions are tax deductible.